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Sifu Harinder Singh has trained the deadliest operators on the planet. He personally trained members of the famous SEAL Team 6, Special Forces, and SWAT commanders around the country in hand to hand combat, emotional and psychological management, and situational awareness. He now offers professionals these techniques, providing direct access to courage, power, healing, and strength.


A patriotic, pragmatic American, Singh has taught U.S. Navy SEALS, Special Forces, CEO’s, SWAT, FBI, sales professionals, CIA, Marines, professional athletes. He has had a previous career in engineering and as a strategic marketing manager for a top 5 Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, applying military tactics and battlefield strategy for sales, marketing & engineering. He was mentored exclusively by David Mok, a former Navy Top Gun and Department Head aboard a Nuclear Submarine, and worked extensively with other Fortune 500 companies including, Cisco, Samsung, and Sony, on the applications of military strategy into flawless business execution.


You will learn the same techniques and processes taught to Navy SEALS, Special Forces, SWAT commanders, executives, intelligence agencies, and other elite organizations. In the process, you’ll boost your performance and gain an edge to your career trajectory. The end result is a dangerous body, a quiet mind, resolve, courage, confidence, and strength, strategy, and leadership.


Courses are compact and designed and delivered, the same way the military teaches and organizes information. Training needs and courses can be planned and accommodated to meet the demands and the needs of the particular organization or group of people. He can help protect the world’s most elite warriors. Let him give your company the courage, confidence, strength, and strategy you need to win on all fronts.


What we do for your company:


We build leadership by developing four primary attributes: Courage, confidence, strength, and strategy.


We make leaders, executives, sales people, and others more efficient and effective, by teaching them to maximize their own internal resources.


We drive individuals to take responsibility for their own outcomes and initiative on their teams, in a way that increases the output of the organization.


We focus on the bottom line, and through aiding people in maximizing their own resources we create more inspired and motivated individuals with the courage and confidence to take action and the strength and strategy to execute.

What Leaders are Saying

Krishana Subramanian

“Having co-founded Mobclix and being acquired by Velti, I know what it takes to get startups gaining traction and on the path of success. I ...

- Krishna Subramanian, Co-Founder, Mobclix
Dr. Richard Downie

Sifu Singh, many thanks for your and Sigung’s kind note. It was a great honor to meet and train with you at the Summit–which really ...

- Dr. Richard Downie, Ph.D, National Defense Institute
Lt. Anthony J. Spatara

My name is Anthony Spatara and I am a lieutenant and SWAT Team Commander for the West Palm Beach Police Department. I would like to ...

- Lt. Anthony J. Spatara, SWAT Commander, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Press Release


October 31, 2012

Special Forces Trainer Offers Personal Training

http://bit.ly/TtfxRO Navy SEALS and Special Forces  Trainer Offers Personal Training Programs Warrior’s Way Lifestyle launches the Personal Protection Program and Personal Transformation Programs, offering individual civilians ...


June 28, 2012

Warrior’s Way Launches Business Programs

http://bit.ly/WwI9Sl Combat trainer of Navy SEALS, launches leadership training firm Warrior’s Way Lifestyle for executives and civilians to apply battlefield strategy to life and business. Through ...