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The Arts of War: Business Management and Leadership

“Regard your soldier (employees) as your children and they will follow you into deepest valleys. Look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you, even onto death.” - Sun Tzu

An organization’s strength lies in the strength of its people. Organizations and teams now need to be more flexible, capable, and competitive to win. We specialize in making your people stronger and building high performance teams, training leaders to be more productive, efficient, and ruthless. Give your children the tools they need to be successful, as well as the internal empowerment and integrity to take action without direction. We provide the tools to operate productively in stress filled, hostile and high tension situations. Exemplify 5 pillars of effective conduct: Goalsetting, teambuilding, management, leadership, and communication.

Harinder Singh has trained the elite of the elite: Navy SEALS, SWAT, FBI, CIA, Special Forces, CEO’s and executives, DEA, professional athletes, and foreign military and intelligence agencies, in the harshest environments, on how succeed when the situation demands zero error and how to stay masterful and in control in the most challenging situations. He has trained leaders and teams in the deadliest situations on how to work together when their lives are on the line.


Moreover, he has expertise working with companies such as Cisco, Samsung, Nokia, Xilinx, and other Fortune 500 companies on the implementation of military strategy and battlefield tactics through consulting and seminars in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, and Corporate Strategy.

Singh is now offering private trainings to companies and organizations. This training combines the ruthless with the holistic; building up the strength and wellness of your teams, along with training them to win battles impeccably. Seminars balance movement and training with strategy and philosophy. Teams learn effective leadership and elevate their awareness to perceive and intercept situations before they arise. Help your team work better together and watch as they take initiative and rise to new pinnacles of performance.

Warrior’s Way seminars create foster individuals with less stress, that are more effective in the jobs they’re in, with better approaches to situations, more awareness, and control of themselves. Courses are compact and designed and delivered, the same way the military teaches and organizes information. Training needs and courses can be planned and accommodated to meet the demands and the needs of the particular agency or group of people. We are also available for consulting and speaking engagements on a range of topics to teams and large groups outside of the seminar format.

The flagship Warrior’s Way seminar for business is The Arts of War: The Way of Strategy.

Attendees learn to elevate their awareness to be able to perceive and intercept situations before and as they arise. They gain an ability to read body language, tones, and tendencies, become better communicators, negotiators, and team leaders, and more charismatic overall. Sample topics include Sun Tzu’s strategies for effective leadership, time and resource management, Musashi’s philosophy and training on offensive and defensive postures, and a vital method of survival in combat: Defanging the snake, destroying your competitor’s offenses before they can strike. These strategies of war are balanced with the health and wellness of your team. We train and works with them on anger management, emotional and psychological control, fear, relationship management, creativity, results orientation, and being proactive and independent, the two most important traits to make your teams shine on their own.

Groups will learn:

  •     Situational Awareness as taught to Special Forces and SEALS: Perceiving and intercepting situations before they arise, as applied to negotiations, communication, and leadership
  •     The Art of Stalking: How to use patience, cunning, ruthlessness, and sweetness to stalk others for competitive advantage
  •     The art of asymmetric warfare for business management and leadership
  •     Awareness: Body Language, tones, and communication
  •     Lessons from the General: Sun Tzu’s Strategies
  •     Musashi’s training on offensive and defensive postures
  •     The Emotional Dimension and Killer Instincts
  •     Unleash your Swagger: Impeccability and Tenacity
  •     The seminar is conducted with a balance of martial arts drills, strategy application, philosophical fundamentals,  movement, and consultative applications to real problems your company faces


To schedule a seminar with Warrior’s Way Lifestyle, please call 1.877.863.8871 or email info@warriorswaylifestyle.com. Training needs and courses can be planned and accommodated to meet the demands and the needs of the particular organization or group.