A brand that needs no special introduction, Adidas, is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in sports apparel. When it comes to judo gis, Adidas continues to deliver on these principles, catering to the specific requirements of judo practitioners.






500gsm Single Weave

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The Adidas Training J500 judo gi is a popular choice among judo practitioners seeking a reliable and durable training uniform. Made from a high-quality, lightweight cotton blend fabric, the J500 offers excellent durability and comfort.

With its clean and classic design, the Adidas Training J500 judo gi provides both functionality and style for judo athletes of all levels.


With a 500gsm single weave and a 60/40 cotton and polyester blend, the Adidas J500 is designed mostly for training, but it can also be used in competitions, however, if you are looking for a serious competition gi from Adidas, our recommendation is to check out the Adidas Champion IJF Judo Uniform.

Now back to the J500. The J500 features reinforced stitching in crucial areas that undergo significant stress during training and competition. This reinforcement enhances the durability of the gi, minimizing the risk of tearing or fraying.

The pants are also very light and they don’t restrict your movement at all. All in all, this is a gi that will work amazingly if you are practicing in a hot and humid area, as the fabric helps to keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your techniques without feeling weighed down.


Although lightweight, reinforcements and the quality of the materials do improve the overall durability of the gi. You don’t have to worry about the jacket or the pants ripping after a while, as Adidas has done an excellent job in terms of durability with this gi.

Comfort & Fit

The J500 judo gi offers a traditional fit with ample room for movement. It is designed to provide comfort without hindering mobility during training and competition. The gi typically comes in a classic white color with minimal branding, showcasing a clean and professional look.

Size-wise, the gi can run small, an you can only choose the size based on your height, so keep an extra eye out for that.


  • 500gsm Single Weave Jacket
  • Cotton 60%, Polyester 40%
  • Size: 150cm-200cm
  • Available in White and Blue


If you are in search of a reliable and durable judo gi for your training needs, the Adidas Training J500 is an excellent choice. It is designed to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, while also providing comfort and mobility.

Consider investing in this gi to enhance your training experience and take your judo skills to the next level.