One of the most trusted brands when it comes to BJJ gis, Hayabusa, has engineered one of the most amazing lightweight gis that you can find. The Ascend, as it’s called, presents the top level of Hayabusa’s craftsmanship and innovation. This cutting-edge BJJ gi is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort, durability, and flexibility to enhance your performance on the mat.









Combining striking looks and lightweight and breathable design, the Hayabusa Ascend is suitable for both beginners and advanced BJJ practitioners and is also IBJJF compliant.

Construction & Features

Since it’s designed to be very lightweight, the Ascend features a 420gsm pearl weave cotton top and an 8oz ripstop cotton/polyester blend pants. This means that you will get a gi that offers you a combination of unrestricted movement and breathability.

Whether you’re executing complex submissions, defending against sweeps, or transitioning between positions, the Ascend gi moves effortlessly with you, allowing you to perform at your best.


Whenever there is talk about a lightweight gi, there are questions about its durability, which is expected since lightweight materials are often associated with being less durable. However, Hayabusa has taken extra care to address this concern with the Ascend gi. There are multiple reinforcements in all the stress areas of the gi, including the lapels.

Style & Looks

Available in three different colors: white, navy, and black, the Ascent looks amazing in any colorway that you choose for yourself.

The patches are all well-sewn, and the gi features several Hayabusa logos that add to its overall aesthetic appeal. The branding is not at all aggressive, but it is incorporated with a lot of styles.


  • 420gsm pearl weave cotton top
  • 8oz ripstop cotton-polyester pants
  • Reinforced stress areas
  • Stretch drawstring
  • Pre-treated
  • A0-A5


With the Hayabusa Ascend gi, you can enjoy the benefits of a lightweight design without sacrificing durability. Whether you’re training, competing, or simply looking for a high-quality gi that provides comfort and flexibility, the Ascend is a reliable choice that will stand up to the challenges of your BJJ journey.