When speaking about the top-rated hybrid gloves for MMA, you have to mention the Hayabusa T3 7oz Hybrid MMA Gloves. Hayabusa gloves are designed to give the greatest possible protection to the hands, and these ones are no exception.

These hybrid gloves for MMA fighters feature a strong, yet lightweight construction, and comfortable fit, and are also excellent training gloves for all-around use. It’s no surprise that they are considered one of the best MMA sparring gloves, so now let’s jump into the review and see what makes them so good.


Hayabusa has put a lot of work into designing a hybrid MMA glove that can be used for all-around MMA training, and the T3 is what they come up with. When you see these gloves for the first time, you can immediately see the high-quality construction and the level of protection that they offer.

Construction & Quality

The construction of the Hayabusa T3 Hybrid MMA glove is very interesting. It consists of three separate parts: the knuckle area, the wrist area, and the connection area that is found in between. You can see that the knuckle area is padded, as opposed to regular MMA gloves that don’t have padding in that area.

Even though these feature padding in the knuckles, they also feature an open palm design that most MMA gloves have. Due to this open palm design, the glove doesn’t restrict any of your movements, and you can move your hand freely in any direction.

When you put the gloves on, they lock your hand in place, preventing it from moving around while sparring as a result of the Y-shaped palm design. The T3 Hybrid also features a pre-curved design, minimizing hand fatigue and improving the overall fit.

The black lining in the interior is comfortable, well-padded, and all the stitching on the inside and the outside of the glove is very well-done. This makes the gloves more durable and improves the longevity of the glove.

Hayabusa T3 Hybrid MMA Gloves Interior

The wrist area features Hayabusa’s signature Dual-X closure system, a system that features two straps; one inner and one outer to ensure proper fit and support. This works simply; you place your hand in the glove then strap an inner strap, then you strap the outer one over it.  When you switch from gloves with one velcro strap to the Dual-X closure system, the difference you will feel is immense.

As for the material, the Hayabusa T3 Hybrid is made from quality Microfiber Vegan Leather. This material needs some time to break in, but after you do that, these will feel amazing. Hayabusa also has the same version of these gloves made from Italian leather, called the Hayabusa T3 LX Hybrid. This version is more expensive, but since it’s better quality leather, it will be more durable.


In terms of performance, the T3 Hybrid MMA Gloves have a lot to show. Their design and construction make them suitable for pad work, sparring, and heavy bags.

There are of course better gloves that are designed specifically for one kind of workout, but these are great all-around gloves that are a worthy addition to your MMA bag. The padded knuckle area is very effective in protecting your knuckles, especially when hitting the bags.

Construction 97
Durability 95
Protection 93
Comfort 99
Fit 95


  • Microfiber Vegan Leather
  • 7oz
  • Pre-formed curve
  • Delta EG layer
  • Dual-X Closure
  • S, M, L, XL
  • Black and Black/White


So, with all that said, this is an excellent pair of high-quality MMA hybrid gloves that allows you to do everything with them; pad work, sparring, heavy bag workouts, you name it, the T3 Hybrid delivers.

It’s no secret that these are a fairly expensive pair of gloves. However, they are definitely worth the money and are highly recommended for any intermediate and experienced MMA fighter that trains regularly.