Black Label is the latest gi in the Tatami Estilo line of BJJ gis for advanced BJJ practicioners. Tatami is one of the most trusted brands in the world of BJJ gis, so it’s no surprise that we expect nothing but the best from them.

The Estilo Black Label is made with premium quality materials and the immaculate attention to detail that advanced BJJ practitioners expect from their gi.

Does the Estilo Black Label improve over the past Estilo models? Does it justify the high price tag?

Let’s jump into the review and find out.






550gsm Gold Weave

Our Rating


Tatami Estilo Black Label is one of the most comfortable and durable BJJ gis that you can get your hands on. The 550gsm pearl weave jacket makes this gi fall into the category of heavier gis and definitely not the one that should be worn in hotter places.

However, that, along with fantastic stitching makes the gi exceptionally durable, something that advanced practitioners will surely be thankful for. This gi comes in a variety of different colorways and the embroidery all around the gi gives it a nice look.

Tatabi Black Label White BJJ Gi


As we mentioned, the jacket is a 550gsm pearl weave, which is the same as the older Estilo models. The jacket features side vents with inner liners and features reinforcements in all the right areas. The shoulder area on the inside has a soft material as we’ve seen on other Estilo models. This makes the gi even more comfortable and protects your skin.

Lapels are very thick, well-made, and sturdy, something we’ve expected from a premium gi made by a brand like Tatami. All the stitching on the jacket is done very well, and the overall quality of the jacket is top-notch.

Truly gives you a feeling of wearing a premium BJJ jacket and a feeling that it’s going to last a long time.

Compared to the previous model, the 12oz canvas pants on the Estilo Black Label are lighter, but they do not sacrifice durability. Like with the jacket, the stitching on the pants is done extremely well and they feature four loops and a drawstring to help you get that perfect fit.


Speaking of fit, that is another part where the Estilo Black Label excels. First off, older models like the Estilo 6.0 had an issue of shrinking too much after a couple of washes, and Tatami “fixed” that issue on the Black Label.

The length of the jacket is perfect and it features Tatami’s Y-Vent© technology for a better fit. The sides are cut in a curve which allows for more free movement.

On the other hand, the pants are more tapered than the older models, so if you’re used to wearing the Estilo 6.0, you’ll notice a difference. The length of the pants comes right at the ankles, and some people may not be fans of that.

Overall, both the jacket and the pants fit amazingly and while wearing this gi you won’t feel any discomfort or tightness.


Tatami Estilo Black Label is a very classy-looking gi, and it features a lot of embroideries all around the gi. However, the embroidery is done in a way that it looks like it’s a part of the fabric, not just a patch on the gi. This is something that makes the gi look even more unique and interesting.


  • 550gsm pearl weave jacket
  • 12oz canvas pants
  • 100% cotton
  • Tatami Y-Vent technology
  • Inside sublimated neck lining


The Tatami Estilo Black Label is a great gi for advanced BJJ practitioners who don’t want to compromise on comfort and durability. It’s very much worth the high price tag, therefore, if you want a high-quality BJJ gi, Tatami Estilo Black Label should be on the top of your bucket list.