Judo is a Japanese martial art that is famous for its powerful throwing techniques and grappling techniques.

Similar to many competitive martial arts, judo has its system of martial arts that has undergone some changes since it was introduced in the 1964 Olympics.

Men’s Weight Classes

Men’s judo weight classes are broken down into seven weight classes, ranging from 60kg (132 pounds) to +100 kg (220+ pounds).

The following is a guide to the weight classes for men:

  • 60kg (132lbs)
  • 66kg  (145lbs)
  • 73kg (160lbs)
  • 81kg (178lbs)
  • 90kg (198lbs)
  • 100kg (220lbs)
  • +100 kg (+220 lbs)

Women’s Weight Classes

Women’s weight classes also have seven weight classes, ranging from 48kg (105 lbs) to 78+ kg (171+ lbs).

  • 48kg (105lbs)
  • 52kg (114lbs)
  • 57kg (125lbs)
  • 63kg (138lbs)
  • 70kg (154lbs)
  • 78kg (171lbs)
  • +78kg (+171lbs)

Both these men’s and women’s weight classes will be used in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Mixed-team Weight Classes

At the Olympic Games, there are also mixed-team events, and they were introduced in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and we will see them again in the 2024 Games. These are the weight classes:

  • 57kg (125lbs) – Women
  • 70kg (154lbs) – Women
  • +70kg (+154lbs) – Women
  • 73kg (160lbs) – Men
  • 90kg (198lbs) – Men
  • +90kg (+198lbs) – Men

History of Judo Weight Classes

We’ve said in the introduction that judo has undergone some changes in the weight classes since it was first introduced as an Olympic sport. In judo’s first outing as an Olympic sport, it was reserved for men and there were only four weight classes:

  • Lightweight – 63kg (139 lbs)
  • Middleweight -80kg (176 lbs)
  • Heavyweight -93kg (205 lbs)
  • Openweight

In 1972, two more weight classes were added to accommodate more competitors, and in 1980, judo got two more weight classes, bringing a total of eight weight classes.

In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics judo was introduced for women and openweight was removed, and the number of weight classes was changed to the ones we have today. However, there were some modifications to the weight in 1998, and they remain the same to this day.