Made by one of the best brands in the business, the Single Weave Judo Gi by Fuji is one of the best judo gis for beginners. When someone is just starting out in judo, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a first gi, and this is one affordable gi that does the job almost perfectly.

Since this is a beginner’s gi, it doesn’t have the same level of build quality as some of the other more expensive gis on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t last you a long time.

Let’s jump into the review and talk about all the details of the Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi.






Single Weave

Our Rating


Fuji is a brand that pays a lot of attention when making a gi, and that is the case with this one. On the contrary to much cheaper gis, this one has a really nice, simple, and traditional design that will please a lot of people.

While the single weave has its downsides, for beginners it is the best option because it’s cheaper than double weave gis, it’s lightweight and breathable. Beginners will also appreciate the fact that this gi comes with a white belt, so it doesn’t have to be purchased separately.

Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi Blue w/White Belt

Construction & Comfort

While this gi is not made from 100% cotton, which is rarely seen nowadays, it’s made from Fuji’s great cotton blend. The material is soft to the touch and very breathable, something which people who live in hotter areas will truly appreciate.

Even though it’s a single weave gi, it has reinforcements and quality stitching that add to its overall durability. The same goes for the quality of the pants. If you take care of this gi, it will surely last you a long time.


The fit of this gi is amazing. It will allow you to move freely while practicing but you won’t feel like it’s too loose. The sizing is accurate, and the gi won’t shrink a lot after you wash it.

The available sizing range from those for young children to adult sizes.


The overall look of this gi is classic and simple. A couple of brand logos here and there, but nothing too flashy, as a judo gi should be. It comes in two different colorways: white and blue.


  • Single Weave Gi
  • High-Quality Stitching
  • White Belt Included


The Single Weave Judo Gi by Fuji is a great choice for any beginner who wants a gi that will last a long time and be comfortable. It’s a gi that offers a lot of value for the price, and while it has some downsides, those are minimal compared to the positives.