Back in the day, almost all judo gis were unbleached, meaning that the chemical processes used to make the cotton whiter were not used. Nowadays, that is not the case anymore. Very rarely you can find unbleached judo gis that looks and feel much more like the ones used a hundred years ago.


The Yamato Sakura Unbleached Single Weave Judo Gi is a perfect example of a traditional-looking gi, made from 100% unbleached cotton, so it will be soft against your skin. There are no logos on the gi and it is pretty thin, so it won’t make you look bulky.

It also has a pretty affordable price tag, so any beginner looking for a simple-looking and comfortable judo gi should definitely consider getting this one.

Construction & Durability

This gi has a single weave construction, which means that it’s much lighter than double weave gis, but is also easier to get a hold of. This type of construction is great for beginners, as they don’t want a heavy gi, because they still need to learn how to control their body weight while learning new techniques.

This one is done remarkably well with a lot of attention to detail. You do get a couple of reinforced areas in both the jacket and the pants. Even though the gi is light, you do get a sense that it will last, especially because of the reinforced areas and the quality of sewing.

The pants feature a drawstring that is a bit shorter than we would like it to, so if your waist is a bit wider, you might want to replace that drawstring with a longer one.

Comfort & Fit

The 100% cotton truly does its marvel when it comes to comfort. It feels so soft and there is a good amount of room inside the jacket and the pants. Even though it may feel stiff when you first put it on, after one wash the gi will start to soften and you can feel its full potential.

You should just keep in mind that this gi is not pre-shrunk like many other gis nowadays, and the shrinkage can be a bit much, so keep that in mind before you choose a size.

Features & Specs

  • Single weave construction
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • Reinforced jacket and pants
  • Sizes – 00-7


This is a great gi for those who want to look like they are wearing something authentic, more closely looking to a traditional judo gi, but without all of the weight and bulk. It’s comfortable, lightweight, durable, and comes at a very affordable price. Overall, this is a great gi to have in your collection.