The Goorudo 3.0 by Hayabusa is a successor to the extremely popular Goorudo 2.0, which was one of the best BJJ gis. Hayabusa is one of the most trusted brands in the world of BJJ equipment, and when they create a product, they pay attention to every possible detail.

That is the case with the Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0, a BJJ gi made to last. A long time. This is one of the most popular gi models for competitions, and deservedly so.

Let’s jump into the review and see what the Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 is all about.






550gsm Gold Weave

Our Rating


The Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 is a Gi that is designed for the intermediate to the advanced grappler. It has been designed to be comfortable and breathable, while still being durable enough to withstand the rigors of competition.

It has a much simpler design than the Goorudo 2.0, which was pretty flashy, and had a lot of branding. This one brings a cleaner design to the table and is available in white, blue, black, and grey. The Goorudo 3.0 is IBJJF compliant, so this gi passes competition regulations.


Well, first things first; this is one heavy gi. Those who are looking for a lightweight gi that can be used in the summer can forget about the Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0.

The jacket has a 550gsm gold weave construction and is one of the best-made jackets out there. The stitching, reinforcements, and durability are second to none. This jacket will “survive” intense sparring and competition, without you having to worry about it ripping. It’s just that good.

With the pants, it’s the same story. The 12oz twill cotton pants are heavy, but ultra-durable and don’t restrict your movement. While the pants are not made from the same material as the jacket, they fit pretty well and provide a comfortable feel. Some people may have an issue with the fit around the tights, but it’s nothing a tailor can’t fix.

The jacket and the pants both come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so that’s a major plus. With this gi, you won’t have the shrinking issues that you get with some other gis on the market.


When you are a serious BJJ practitioner and need a professional gi that costs a lot, you want it to be extremely comfortable. We said that the Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 is a heavy gi, but don’t think for a second that it isn’t comfortable.

The fabric is exceptionally soft to the touch, and the gi is pleasing to wear for a couple of hours. This heavy gi is for those who live and train in colder areas, and it certainly isn’t for those hot summer days.


While the style of a gi is always a personal preference, we must say that we are huge fans of the looks of Goorudo 3.0 compared to the 2.0 model. While it still has a lot of patches around the gi, it is much classier than the old version.

The Goorudo 3.0 comes in 4 different colors: white, black, blue, and grey. The blue one is a delightful shade of royal blue, and it looks absolutely classy. Definitely our favorite one.


Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 Black BJJ Gi
  • 550gsm gold weave jacket
  • 12oz pants
  • Pre-washed
  • Stretch drawstring
  • A0 to A5


If you are a BJJ competitor, then you know how important it is to have a durable and comfortable gi. The Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 is exactly what you need.

While it’s not a “perfect gi”, it provides a terrific value and is a gi that is made to last. If you want to be able to compete at your best level, then you need to invest in a good quality gi, and this one from Hayabusa is highly recommended.