Fuji is making some of the top-quality judo gis on the market, and one of their best competition models is the Fuji Euro Competition Gi. While it’s designed to meet the IJF tournament requirements and be used primarily in competitions, it can also be used as a training gi, if you prefer heavier gis.

Let’s jump into the review and see what makes this gi great.


The Fuji Euro Competition Gi is a premium quality gi made of top-notch materials that will keep you comfortable during competition. It comes in a wide range of sizes, so you can get the perfect size for you.

This gi will also allow you to train with ease, as it feels much lighter than you would expect from a double-weave gi.


The quality of the construction is vital for a competition gi, and Fuji didn’t make any mistakes in making this gi. The overall quality is top-notch, and it shows that in the stitching, the fabric quality, and the collar.

The Fuji Euro Competition Gi is a double-weave gi that features a 680gm imported cotton jacket and 10oz cotton twill pants. Compared to a Fuji Single-Weave Gi, this one has much better and stronger reinforcements.

Comfort & Fit

The amazing thing with this gi is that you have the option to choose even half a size, so choosing the right size is definitely not an issue. The whole gi feels like it’s designed for your body, it fits that well.

Now it’s not all great with this gi. The only issue we’ve found is that it shrinks a bit more than we would’ve liked, so keep an eye out for that before ordering.


Since the overall quality of the gi is amazing, and the reinforcements are very strong, we can say that this is a very durable gi. It will take a lot of beating and won’t break down easily. You can train in it and wear it to competitions without noticing any damage for a long time.

One of the more durable is out there, for sure.


  • Double-weave
  • 680gm jacket
  • 10oz cotton twill pants
  • Available in White and Blue
  • Sizes: 1-9


If you are serious about judo and are looking for a double-weave gi that is IJF-approved, the Fuji Euro Competition should be at the top of your list. This gi is ultra-comfortable and durable, and you will get a lightweight bag for carrying it.